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When I think of a "technical person" I visualise the six million dollar man

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Feeling very scatterbrained today: I just opened Libby on my phone to look for a book and then typed "Libby" into the search box

You may have heard that a number of my stellar colleagues at Vox Media were laid off. The cuts were harsh, including people on parental and bereavement leave. To help them get through it, has set up a GoFundMe — please contribute if you can


Honestly the main thing that stops me from doing more fediverse development is a lack of time/energy... I have one project that's fairly far along and I think is really cool? But I realized over the holidays it's a long way to go before it's usable by others. Progress is coming along slowly!

I'm confused when devs claim that you can't experiment with software on the fediverse. I have spent the last 5 years of my life building experimental software on the fediverse, and people have been very supportive!

There is a MASSIVE design space for weird ideas that are not just dressed-up surveillance capitalism, but so many devs come here saying "I will try out some dressed-up surveillance capitalism" and then act like their genius design thinking is being stymied when people say "fuck off"

If you want to use a security key with your Apple account, you’ll need two keys

Apple requires that you use at least two security keys if you want to use them with your Apple account. That might be a pain, but it makes sense — you don’t want to get locked out if you lose one.

In the latest Vergecast, they joked about The Verge mastodon instance and that somebody will just do it

I guess, I am that software developer with a vengeance:

#TheVerge #mastodon

I'm watching @sunfish streaming a walkthrough of wasi-clocks, wasi-filesystem, and the other WASI APIs, join us:

I love teaching this class! It’s a highly accessible class with students of all skill levels where we dive deep and explore the intricacies of working with type on the web. From foundational typographic setup to the bleeding edge of variable and color fonts.

i just let rip a new piece of writing:

a year-long observation on trends in the peer-to-peer space, namely the appearance of companies building platforms on top. outlined are a few of these platform companies, accompanied by questions regarding expected futures, as well as a small essay on the importance of community infrastructure


⚔️SKIRMISH SOCIETY⚔️ is out today!

🗺 Diplomacy-style wargaming right in your Discord

🔪 Scheme (and backstab) with up to 20 friends

🕺Install the Skirmish Commissioner bot & turn your DMs into marching orders!

🕰 24 hour turns

📍 Procedurally generated maps with wild placenames

💸 Free to install & play

#indiegames #wargaming #gamedev

remembering when the peak of online comedy was when a soccer player did a headbutt

babe what’s wrong, Becky G was on the TV and you didn’t point and say “that’s Becky G”

Pinkpantheress - “to hell with it” - wow I totally missed this when it came out? it’s great!

turning a big dial that says "jobs" on it and constantly looking back at the stock market for approval like a contestant on the price is right

I saw a really cute video the other day where ProZD had his mom try to name all of the Super Smash Bros. characters — so I made a little game for you (and/or your loved ones) to do the same! ✨

#MadeWithGlitch #SmashBros

I broke down and ordered a replacement motherboard from a different seller, who claimed they shipped from the US (though they actually shipped from Canada). That one's on track to arrive next Wednesday, and whether or not I can manage to tell the first seller, who generated a shipping label and then shut down operations for three weeks, to not send me anything that I will just send back anyway remains to be seen

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