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@adam it’s totally your choice. you don’t necessarily have to make your own instance, in particular is welcoming of bots and allows use of the client API to automate posting. in my case because my bots were written in ruby the Gem interface was almost exactly the same as the official Twitter one, not sure if other languages’ client libraries did that as well

Last month on Glitch the community built a library of color 🌈 , a pomodoro timer for dark mode 🖤, an infinite list of reciprocals ♾ and much, much more!

See all of projects #MadeWithGlitch on the blog:

the twitter API thing is a bummer for a lot of reasons but it is pretty funny to look at the QTs of the announcement and it's just page after page of like, Limp Bizkit Gifs Hourly saying "I guess this is it, guys.. it's been a great run.."

my career would not be what it is today without there having been a free and open Twitter API. Making it paid-only is a monumentally stupid business decision but also just like… what a loss for internet weirdos everywhere

Companies always announce really healthy choices in the middle of the night

I don't always encounter alt text for images on Mastodon. But when I do, I notice the alt text descriptions are higher quality than they were on Twitter. In general, I feel like describers are sharing the intent of images more and sharing their visual interpretations more often. When describers do this, the pictures come alive in my mind. In short, alt text feels less robotic on Mastodon and more like my sighted friends narrating their lives and observations to me. It's really awesome and special to watch. Keep up the great work, describers!

@aparrish there is absolutely someone in a paramount office right now with "ANDOR of STAR TREK???" written and underlined on their white board, right

@kfan a problematic (branding) fav (flavor) for sure

RSS tip:

With Feedbin, you can get email newsletters delivered directly to your RSS reader instead of your inbox (🎉 sanity).

Feedbin gives you a special email address for receiving newsletters. It's long and hard to memorize, so I like to use macOS’ text replacements "Settings > Keyboard > Text Replacements" with an emoji-esque command like `:emailrss:` that will auto-populate that email on any web form where I sign up for newsletters.

Tape Looper is launched if anyone wants it, each sale will buy me a pint of beer for the rare occasions I get some child-free time:

#playdate #theWorkshop

is there a technical reason why most bluetooth devices seem to report only vaguely accurate battery levels to the host? All non-Apple devices I’ve used seem to have arbitrary values that were chosen for “high”/“medium”/“low”. is it expensive to have a sensor that actually knows the battery’s real charge?

We're hiring a (PAID.) summer intern to work on @glitchdotcom at Fastly. If you're an undergrad who wants to get some amazing experience and mentorship while working on really interesting challenges, please do take a look — and underrepresented candidates are, of course, warmly welcomed.

time to post again the best user interface i've ever seen

Very happy to announce that @obliquestions is up and running again! Four times a day it will post a question randomly selected from a corpus of 66,429 questions extracted from Project Gutenberg texts.

"stop replacing wikis with discord servers!" sorry, misheard you and now the manpages are a discord server. oops

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