I'm writing a non-trivial web app with Express for the first time in a very long time and after spending a long time giving into more structured frameworks it's mildly terrifying to be duplicating code, generating my own URLs, passing random data structures around, etc. I'm sure it'll hurt later when I'm fixing bugs but in the meantime there is something kind of freeing about "what matters about this function is if it does the thing you want"

I frequently have enterprise developer-brain; one day I was hemming and hawing about not knowing how to program in Roblox and someone told me "it is made to be a toy for kids! kids are smart but you’ve got this" and I need to adopt that energy more often

@casey Roblox has some good starter temples as well. Most of roblox has GARBAGE programming.

@casey @stefan I can’t even look at the copy-and-paste code my son and his friends write on scratch and Minecraft. It’s not even attempting to make sense, all that matters is the output. But that’s the fun of it!

@casey i will say i discovered Koa recently, which is approximately as fast and loose as Express but at least it's modern javascript, and modular

@jleedev i’ll take a look some time! I started this one with fastify only to discover that their package that supposedly supports Handlebars doesn’t actually support partials, so I panicked and switched back to what I know

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