my career would not be what it is today without there having been a free and open Twitter API. Making it paid-only is a monumentally stupid business decision but also just like… what a loss for internet weirdos everywhere

Starting a podcast where we discuss the 1975 album “Bert & Ernie Sing-Along” in 10-second increments

When you go to Burger King and get the number 3, they always ask if you want the meal or just the sandwich. Nobody is getting just the sandwich, you know what I mean? And yet…

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Whatever happened to fucking and sucking? Nowadays it seems like it’s only ever one or the other!!

Top Model is t about planes and neither should top gun be. It should be about Gun.

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Apologies if they address this in the movies. Ive never seen tbem

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Why do they call it Top Gun when it’s not about guns it’s about planes

I'm gonna get my media calendar project up and running again on the Fediverse!

For every day of the year, I share at least one significant date or event happening in a movie, television show, or game. Sometimes it's mentioned directly, sometimes it's shown on screen, sometimes clever people have deduced the date.

Give it a follow here: @todayonscreen

"I understand that ChatGPT is in its infancy but perhaps that is the emerging horror of AI – that it will forever be in its infancy, as it will always have further to go, and the direction is always forward, always faster."

- Nick Cave, of all people!

Getting engagement on this one even though, on BIRD SITE, it would have been viral!!! Beginning to think the hashtags aren’t working.

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Did John jump ship from Pixar when they fired Lasseter? Looks like he dodged every Pixar movie since Onward and then showed up in Lassiter’s movie “Luck” from year.

Love when a cake recipe gives me permission to substitute brown sugar for white.

Whenever I notice this button in the Glitch editor my mind goes immediately to

In grad school I worked as a bike messenger in NYC. Our dispatcher, a mean little guy, was down in the financial, but I ran packages all over the LES and midtown. I was always nice to the dispatcher. (So I could get the good runs.)

Most messaging companies didn't just have people on bikes. There were also "walking messengers" who'd take the subway and do long runs, like out to Queens. But I loved to bike!

The first week was hell! You see, in messaging you have to "earn your radio" 🧵 #thread

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